Data Analytics Valuation

With so much buzz about data analytics many companies have developed plans to adopt the technology. The trend setters have been reaping huge benefits supporting the idea that any data analytics project will bring enormous profits. With huge revenue and a corporate structure built from the ground up to operate in a data intensive environment it is not a miracle that companies like Google became even more profitable with each data analytic project.

Less known but much more numerous are the failed attempts to solve a business problem using analytics. The economics of data analytic projects are fundamentally different than anything we have encountered before. In a large organization the cost of analytics is irrelevant and the benefits have a multiplicative effect. However, for most organizations the economics are very complex and data analytic projects don't scale well. The valuation has to be done for your project, in your environment.

We have prepared a presentation to help you understand the fundamentals of valuation for data analytics. It may guide you to make the right decisions in all stages from initial planning to optimizing operations and even to redesign and reuse components in case of failure.