In the western world due to some major trends in population structure and legislative changes the healthcare industry is experiencing a major restructuring. This time is not just a simple evolution. It brings both a threat to the established corporations and a multitude of opportunities for the dynamic players.

In the healthcare industry Data Analytics can be at the same time a provider of information for operations optimization and a major part of a new strategy to increase coverage and reduce costs.

We invite you to take a look at the demo page of our application predicting the Medical Care Demand by the Elderly. It forecasts the number of office visits including its 95% likelihood range based on patient gender, health status, insurance type, number of chronic conditions, education (school years), and number of hospital visits. The full application includes other variables like the zip code, patient's previous profession, type of chronic condition, and fitness. Results include forecasts of number of office visits per medical specialty and cost level.

This application represents a good example of the type of applications available even for small companies. It requires only a small server for the full application or some space on a shared server for the demo. The application took about one week to develop and has a dynamic architecture. During start-up it loads the latest set of data and builds the forecasting algorithm in real-time. This means that the algorithm is always in sync with the data and there is no need to redesign it over time to keep track of medical changes occurring in our society.