Mathematical Modeling

Humans have always been fascinated about how things work and myths, legends, and superstitions were the first widely accepted explanations. Over time society evolved, needs changed, and around 600 BC Thales of Miletus becomes the first known person to have used forecasts to design and execute a successful business strategy. Leonardo da Vinci was probably the first to explain the predicting power of natural laws when he said that “nature doesn't break her own laws”. It was Galileo Galilei who showed how to use mathematics to discover the laws of nature and Descartes to create the foundations of scientific discovery.

Modern companies use mathematical modeling to gain insight into real-world problems and to optimize their operations. They use a five step procedure starting with a question, selecting the modeling approach, formulating the model, checking the model, to answer the question. Although this is a well-known process and the software is freely available the experience required to develop a valid mathematical model is far from trivial. Even respected scientific magazines were caught publishing studies based on mathematical models that were fundamentally flawed.

Innovatorium has over ten years of developing advanced multi-variable nonlinear modeling and complex machine learning algorithms. Using statistics, error propagation analysis, and epistemology, we design the experiment, conduct data collection, cleaning, and mathematical modeling to answer your business question. We offer full solutions or supplement your own resources with specialized skills.