Software Development

The popular belief is that data analytics software is freely available. What is less known is the fact that it is almost impossible to do any significant data analysis without writing some software at least to plug together various software packages. Many analysts have learnt how to do this plugging moving from pure users to developers. However, a successful large scale project requires experience beyond scripting to insure a certain level of availability, security, and usability.

We design the software architecture, plan the development, write and test the software. Having experience in all modern operating systems, dozens of programing languages and over one hundred successfully completed projects we can seamlessly become your development team.

Innovatorium has a team of developers that have designed the whole gamut of software products from large scale standalone applications down to small web plug-ins or Linux scripts. With an aggregate of over 2 million lines of code and decades of software development we are confident that we'll be up to the task for your next challenge.