Analytics Based Strategy

Strategy is the science and art of determining what is important and what is the best way of doing it. Data Analytics is revolutionizing the strategy with credible forecasts, faster reports, and better simulations. At the same time, strategy starts to permeate analytics dramatically improving the rate of return and reducing the rate of failure.

In a data driven organization strategy has two sides. The first side deals with how the strategy can make better usage of existing data analytic capabilities. Here one of the most important tasks is how to optimize the interface between the leadership and the data analytic teams by understanding their expectations and limitations. The other side is how to develop better data analytic capabilities to maximize the return on investment. Here a good data analytics valuation is essential and can create the basis of your future investment plan, driving the product architecture, list of features, and development approach to maximize the benefit to cost ration while keeping risk under control.

We invite you to read our presentation developed to help you understand the fundamentals of strategy for data analytics. This is an introduction into the concepts of analytics based strategy which may guide you to make the right decisions in all stages from initial planning to optimizing operations and even to redesign the system in case of failure. It is derived from our experience in the field while helping customers like you reach their business goals.

A second presentation describes a simulation developed in support of an optimum strategy for very risky investments. Choosing the best simulation method can not only improve the granularity of what matters most but also reduce the computational complexity allowing more variables and larger variable ranges.