Why Data Analytics Valuations
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Taxonomy of Knowledge and Insight

More than twenty four centuries ago Plato defined Knowledge as "justified true belief". Since then researchers have shown ways our mind can fail to recognize the falsity of some complex concepts even after checking Plato's conditions.

According to Plato Knowledge implies an absolute degree of verity or trustworthiness conceivable only ex-post or in some other very limited cases. However, for the modern corporation even partial Knowledge could have tremendous value if the degree of verity could be correctly estimated. Since Knowledge is built in a step by step process involving sampling, codification, and confirmation the degree of verity can be estimated before the process is finished.

Insight is the verified justification of Knowledge. It results thru a process of abstraction and ex-post verification over the full range of underlying Knowledge. It allows us to forecast the Knowledge and build the frame of scientific discovery.

Insight Discovery Fundamentals

We can help you estimate the degree of Knowledge and discover the Insight using some of the most modern techniques of data science, econometrics, and epistemology.